The deep dungeons (Infinite dungeons)

Imagine this: you go into a world where there is an camp looking place with 3 friends, inside the camp is 4 people: the blacksmith bot, the pawnbroker, the shopkeeper, and the questor.

The blacksmith lets you create weapons/armor/items from materials dropped by mobs in the dungeon(more later)

New Piskel
(i’m bad at pixel art sorry)

You get general idea tho.

pawnbroker buys plunder(blocks in the dungeon that when broken, all players in the world get it, unless their inventory is full) for gems/bytes (size varies, small pile, medium pile, large pile, huge stash)

Questor just gives quests to kill stuff inside.

Shopkeeper sells stuff like forge and anvils.

Forge - Makes new things with coal block as fuel - 15k gems
Anvil - allows blacksmith stuff in world -15k gems


Costs 200 gems to enter, unlimited runs per day

starts at the top of the world, passing monsters and traps moving from the left to the right of the world.

Portal at end takes you to next level (fog of war is in the world so you can’t see whats under you)

4 players per dungeon


Slime, act in the same as bouncer. If they touch you you get the poisoned effect.

Skeleton warrior- act like abyss walkers, but walk towards you if you they are near you, they do a lot of damage though.

Skeleton archer- like casters, shoot one arrow, they will try to move away from you if you get close though, although they wont jump or fall.

Skeleton fighter - less health less damage, follows you with AI that jumps if obstructed by something, unaffected by traps though(based off watching Terraria AI)

Every 5 levels, there is an miniboss.


The Giant- acts like Evil professor, only it doesn’t shoot anything. Charges a lot though

Giant Skeleton archer-shoots 3 homing arrows that last for 5 seconds before dissapearing.

Rock golem - Spawns spike like the Rocky horror from mines, a more health from the other bosses. When under 25% HP starts making shockwaves like the Evil professor

Minotaur - charges a lot and creates shockwaves, but not as much health as the others

All enemies get more health etc every 10 levels.

Mob drops:

Broken horn- 43% chance
Broken arrow - 50%
Armor fragment-15% chance
Weapon fragment-15% chance
Legendary fragment-0.1% chance
Broken charm-5% chance
Copper bar-25% chance
Iron bar-20% chance
Gold bar-10% chance
Dark bar-3% chance
Flame fragment-5% drop chance from minibosses
Water fragment-5% drop chance from minibosses
Minotaur hammer - Extremely rare drop from Minotaur boss

Blacksmith items:

Copper thief knife- increase chances of mob drops by 1% 110 base damage 1H
Iron thief knife- increase chances of mob drops by 2% 120 base damage 1H
Gold thief knife- increase chances of mob drops by 3% 130 base damage 1H
Dark thief knife- increase chances of mob drops by 4% 135 Base damage 1H

Build costs:
Copper - 20 weapon fragments 10 copper bars 2 horns 5000 gems
Iron - 25 weapon fragments 10 iron bars 3 horns 7500 gems
Gold -30 weapon fragments 10 gold bars 12 horns 10000 gems
Dark - 40 weapon fragments 15 dark bars 15 horns 15000 gems

Give increased chance for critical hit(2% 3% 4% 5% to 7%)
Steel broadsword (requires Iron bar + coal block + forge(block from the shopkeep))
Firesteel broadsword 130 base damage 10 fire damage
Aquasteel broadsword 130 base damage 10 water damage
You guys make some more idk what else :slight_smile:

Steel - 30 weapon fragments 15 steel bars 20 horns 10k gems 120 damage
Firesteel - 40 weapon fragments 10 firesteel bars 5 dark bars 30 horns 50k gems
Aquasteel - 40 weapon fragments 10 aquasteel bars 5 dark bars 30 horns 50k gems

Give chance to dodge(chance for enemy attacks missing, does not work for pvp)

Iron, copper, gold, dark, steel, firesteel etc


Do less damage, have limited ammunition, 5 range, slower firing rate, cant go through walls.

Copper bow - 15 copper bars 20 horns 15 weapon shards
You make more


Can be bought or made

Copper arrow - 60 damage per arrow - 1 horn + 4 broken arrow + 1 copper bar +100 gems= 4 arrows(slider for how many you want to make for ease of making)

Iron arrow - 70 damage per arrow - 2 horn + 4 broken arrow +1 iron bar +100 gems= 4 arrows

Heavy weapons
Do higher damage, with slower attack rate as drawback

Minotaur hammer - Legendary drop from minotaur 130 basic, 30 leaf

Additonal things:

Gem vein: nether crystals, that when broken, give all players gems


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Hey dev liked it… maybe maybe it will be added to pw?

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Yes, gib me new dungeonss :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Now this sounds cool

I hope too

Congratulations! Jake mentioned about new boss feature about nethers, revamping dungeons! But we can’t be sure if they’ll add it soon because they’re still working on it.

From my own words, if this gets added then a few people might come back playing nether.

Suck that miners and fishers :sunglasses: No Offense to Neo fishers, maybe


If they do add a revamp to nether I’m gonna incinerate my fishing rod and switch over.
I’m really excited for what they may add.

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Gib more enemies :+1::+1:

Also pls buff nether so I can feed my PW wallet :sob:

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they are probably not gonna revamp nether as jake said, Classic nether as it is right now will stay, they just add some harder levels or create completely new dungeon.

:pinching_hand::angry: :raised_back_of_hand: WHY? pls no, me no like

Not bad

They also mentioned mine revamps and as well as a remake of the jetrace.

Yes will be fun :smiley:

Well Dev did like it so he probably read it…


Wait jake mentioned revamps in the stream? i never knew that @1NB4 ok ima watch it now


this actually not bad!
I WANT THIS to be added to pw,
oh dev like this maybe it gonna be added? :thinking: