The Forum Status

I’m not the forum type of guy btw. How many of you guys even use the forum nowadays? Did some of the forum users moved on to Discord?

Forums are very 2000s Early 2010s, Back in the day i used to be on forums alot (not pw forums like other types of forums) Alot of people moved to discord.

Damn you’re the og forums user I guess. Are you also active on the Discord?

Btw does it spelled forum or forums?

this person became a member 4 days ago as it seems
also I do not think it matters that much if you call them “forum” or “forums”

but the forums is not really active isn’t it?

all I see is just people complaining about the false bans

well if the current pixel worlds game developers did not make the “help and support” button redirect players over here than you would not see as much “false ban / got scammed” threads