The game

Our game has begun.

a world will show you the path to the goal.

C0D3BR34K3R Is the key. Find the lock.

Good luck.


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what world im interested :joy:

Be prepared. You will find out soon enough.

Im fascinated… :joy:

ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ !¡ᔑℸ ̣ ⍑ ᓭℸ ̣ ᔑリ↸ᓭ ᓵꖎᒷᔑ∷, ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ∷𝙹ᔑ↸ ∴╎ꖎꖎ ʖᒷ ᒷリᓵ∷||!¡ℸ ̣ ᒷ↸, ᓭ𝙹ꖎ⍊ᒷ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ∷╎↸↸ꖎᒷᓭ ᔑリ↸ ᒷリℸ ̣ ᒷ∷ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ꖌᒷ||ᓭ. ⊣𝙹𝙹↸ ꖎ⚍ᓵꖌ.

Hebrew… hmmmmmmmmmmm

The paths tands clear, the road will be encrypted, solve the riddles and enter the keys goodluck.

Welcome to the forums, you have just began and you are acting very mysterious, on what I think. your giving hints and if someone guessed it can get a prize.

It’s a rickroll, isn’t it?

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That would be hilarious :joy:

This is a strange thread. I don’t want to get cursed by this cursed ancient comment, this brings me back to the ancient comment that ruined lives ( SOURCE IS FROM " TheTekkitRealm " )

If you want to get spooked out to death watch this… | WARNING! Don’t be worried! it only shows the picture of the comment! I don’t own the video.

uh and now?
Which world?

No… I search its from minecraft Enchanted Table :joy:

I know :joy: 20characters

Youre acting weird :joy: Dont be a scardy cat and its not “Ancient”. Well, Based on my intellectual capacity and my vast knowledge, tactically and tentatively right, Its a Language that will be used on 2050 :joy:

I can edit and heard of that before, but isn’t it early for Halloween?

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sorry lmao :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I translated it cuz the letters are in my book.

Our game has started at level 1:

Good luck to all.

“ꖎ𝙹∷↸∴ℸ ̣ ⚍∷ᒷ” ╎ᓭ ᔑ ꖌᒷ||. F╎リ↸ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ᒲᒷᔑリ╎リ⊣ ᔑリ↸ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ⊣ᔑℸ ̣ ᒷ ∴╎ꖎꖎ 𝙹!¡ᒷリ ℸ ̣ 𝙹 ||𝙹⚍.