✅ The holy quest

''The path is lain, the treasure is there.
You have to find or you die.
But don’t go to fast, there are dangers.
Use you’re brain and get a strategy find friends and survive the holy quest.
I’m saying now, the holy quest begins!
Some hints you need during the whole puzzle, remember them without them you’re dead.’’
- The start is a world made my 3 words here are they:
1. the holy person and an ‘‘s’’ after it.
2. this person is …
3.Something you have, you need to see
one word

-上帝 是在这里。
one word, first letter big if you want to pass. No spaces.

- I am a holy person in white clothes, a halo on the head, wings on the back.
Who am I?
*Write the first letter big, the rest small.

- Take the first three letters from the highest greek god, and fuse with the first three letters from the highest god of the romans.
all small letters.

Oh and, don’t die.


I wish all good luck who try this!

I’m already having a lot of guest into it, probably another riddle to solve to get prizes in the end.

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My brain hurt guessing the world

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bout 2nd hint: its chinese. lol you guys would’ve probably found out anyways lol

you will see…
but first get the start world

I know that Chinese the world i dont know

Im thinking the world like GodsHolySpirit

The world is:

World: Godsholyeyes
Pass: Godishere
Pass: Angel
Pass: zeujup


and you didn’t put world lock in Godsholyquest

A quest? I’m already on a quest!

Ik that there is no wl.
And CONGRATS lol :innocent:

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damn, if i do something like this again I probably have to do it harder lol Condu made it like 3 hours after i posted.

Smash my head, i was in a session/school that time. Already got 3 secret codes listed in Condu’s replys. (begged my classmates to break the code) but never mind, congratulations to @Condu.


Don’t spoil plz. Thanks.