The legend quest SUGGESTION

there will be a legend quest and a legend NPC press the button to talk with him and warp to world
the npc said when you press the purple button:
1.hello! i am the legend of pixelians can come to my world
3.i give you a really hard quest and get the prize!
4. good luck!
and there warp to world button

you need to give the npc some items until reach quest 80 when you give the npc it also give a random item (give npc dolphin you got 2 platinum locks) there is 80 quest

main prize: wings of legend pixelians
triple jump it also gives more light in mine, 5 bonus armor, every elemental resistance 10

the npc world have clouds (and unobtainable orb) so like you flying in the clouds
if you fell from the clouds there probally a forest with nothing just respawn
the npc is at the top left place of the world you need complete the parkour to do the quest

feedbacks :slight_smile:
its okay if it bad i been thinking almost whole day

again? why no feedbacks for a whole time?
i bad at suggestion so like it?

Nah, I’m just not much of a reader XD (Ppls suggestions are loooooong)

more feedbacks :smiley: . . .

kinda like legendary quest of GT, huh? nice

no lol
gt quest need to do not just giving items
but this just giving item
and it not the same
you can choose legendary in gt quest
this just 1 legendary and can be repeat

too OP, people could just grind it for ez wl n drop it. the item itself is alsoo OP. mby make it like SB?

like, as in having to do monthly quests to limit the amount of wings per year

wdym the wing?
it needs so much expensive item
even look at dis

even i planning to make the quest part 1 to 80
part 40 already needs over idk 2 - 5 pl
and part 80 need 5 spec halo :joy: edited cause halo will rise

imagine the prize was dark pixie :joy:

that makes it Waaay too hard, only some EXTREMELY rich players will be able to get + the items will be gone after, so like say theres 2000 halos IG rn, it only takes 200 people for all of it to go so last halo will be like 200+ pl in the end. cuz tehere only 1 left

still, i think no, if it were like quests E.g finish this parkour, or fight and defeat this boss this many times, the quest would be able to be completed by more people

ok so lets say level 1-40 costs 5 wl per level thats already 2 pl + level 40 = 4 pl 40-60 costs 2 pl per level thats 44 pl already for being 3/4 of the way there. lets say 60-80 is 5 pl per level, thats 144 pl total, there is hardly anyone with that many wls to spare for this for ONE prize, the wings would have to be least 200 PL(literally price of DP)

maybe…but i think i should make it like this wait
lvl 40 - 80 are over idk 15 - 20 wl item? it enough part 1 - 40 1 to 5wl item :slight_smile:but some part can be expensive item