The Minigame Update

First of all, Jake has said that the card update was added because of the community wanting “minigames”.

But, let’s think for a bit… I think the community meant small, bite-sized minigames like the ones you see in Mario Party games, not an entirely new feature.

That’s why I got an idea to add some actual minigames. Here are some minigames that I thought about:

Admin Snap
Seems like these sneaky admins are hiding again. Find and snap a picture of the hidden admin in 20 seconds to win!
Rules: The picture of the avatar you’re meant to find is in the top left corner. The avatar is always of a known pixel worlds admin (Dev, Jake, CK, EndlesS, MW). You got 20 seconds to find the respective admin in a world you’re thrown into. A special “photo button” appears, which takes a photo of the admin and finishes the minigame. You win or lose depending on if the picture contains an admin or not.

Pixelian Count
This world is overflowing with noobs! Can you count these for me? The closer you are to the real count, the better the reward!
Rules: You’re thrown in a world and noob pixelians rush from one portal to another. You have a button that counts up and another that counts down. You need to get the exact count or similar count of the amount of pixelians that came through the portals.

And of course, other minigames. I’m too lazy to come up with more ideas.

To play any minigame, you first need to obtain a Minigame Ticket. These tickets are obtainable from the Ticket Machine found in the Pixel Station, and it accepts 200 gems for first ticket, 500 for second, 1000 for third, 1500 for fourth and 2500 for fifth ticket a day. Tickets, unlike jetrace entries, carry over to the next day.

Completing a minigame successfully will earn you Minigame Credits to be used in the Minigame Shop.

Minigame Ticket
Description: This ticket says “One admission to a minigame”. Used to play any of the minigames.
Obtainability: Ticket Machine
Type: Item
Tags: [Trading Restricted]

Minigame Credit
Description: A hexagon-looking coin with a pixelated letter “M”. Can be exchanged for goodies in the Minigame Shop.
Obtainability: Minigames
Type: Item
Tags: [Trading Restricted]


Isn’t that the wii party minigame where you need to find and take a picture of a dog as it runs around a park?

And that’s the wii party minigame where a train passes by and you need to count the amount of passengers.

I swear the guy works for nintendo.

who works for nintendo? I work for BRIBBLECO :tm:

I sure love Pokemon snap

I honestly think it would be much better if they gave the players the items to make mini games. Like for example you can make your own capture the flag. I feel this would be better because the players can make it the way the want, as well as more variety.

The clan pvp system doesn’t work properly

Isn’t this the PK XD pet party thingy minigame where you count the pets?

I never played PK XD.