The mods in this game are a joke

So basically my friend bought the dracula cape from pwe and got banned because it was dupped. How was he supposed to know that.

Yeah that’s true, One dude who was named as one of the mining items (cant say name, cuz policy) got banned, and he tried to to contact the support and they still didn’t help, so idk what’s happening in this game.

Lokalapsi warned us NOT TO BUY THEM and said that ahe won’t unban anyone

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yes well some people dont pay atention to the pixel worlds instagram. its not like they put the warning in game. He just saw that they were getting sold for very cheap prices and bought it.

Yeah, that’s not the best system in this game, People SHOULD be warned for stuff like this ( I mean in game, not in istagram) , because players with pures could just buy that stuff from pwe and get banned, also there’re so many duped items, dracula isn’t the only, literally Blood halo, pwr (black mostly) , Spirit claw, cthulu wings, spirit blade , tormentor mask, tormentor wings, Elite water gun +more items are duped in this game ! If they they try removing duped items out of the game, 50% of communities items will be gone, So I don’t know how they gonna fix this , because duping breaks economy and causes deflation. :fearful:

usually there is an unwritten “one week policy” to inform other players around the game since not everyone knows of new pixel worlds game instagram post, as we speak there is a chance there are people that do not know if “micro battle” is illegal or not

duplicating byte coins causes inflation (more byte coins , more expensive items)
duplicating items causes deflation but not quite (byte coins cut off of circulation unless if illegally traded back in pixel worlds game)
that is just my opinion though

If something drops from 40 mil to 10 mil don’t you think that’s abit suspicious?

In that case he most likely bought a hacked pickaxe, which would have been obvious to notice as the pickaxe has more durability than it should have

I think I know who is the person he is talking about and I think its another dupe dracula cape incident

This is a joke.

@loklapsi if you see this perhaps you could take some time to reflect that you are punishing perfectly innocent players … :thinking:

If I get banned for calling you up on this then it just shows what a poor state the game has got into …

Anyone buying something from pwe must be protected …

You will completely destroy the game if not …

I rarely use Instagram and certainly not in detail

Players will leave and bad news travels faster than good, players won’t join either …


Yeah because there’s a thing called deflation, items used to be much lower than 10 mil.
Use common sense :man_facepalming:

Did you even got the point right, lmao ?

Yeah, Game is at bad state right now!

fr got banned for playing micro. didn’t know it was illegal :duck:


Yeah but nothing drops from 40mil to 10mil in a day with a legitimate reason,
and also drac cape used to be one of the rarest items in the game, and all of a sudden everyone has one

Lmao, How unfortunate :duck:

Nah that has happened, Dracula cape used to be 200m, But ekipali dropped it to 30m in a one day and no one knew what happened. +There should some warning system in game, because people can’t tell.
@Tumppi2 Just because you’re inactive in game doesn’t mean that others are too, so don’t act like everyone would understand that something is duped just because it got dropped.

Jake managed to make a message to everyone before he left… They could have made some sort of announcement thing to keep players updated