The mystery of Kiddie Ride

Why does the Kiddie Ride block can be crossbreed and it has a seed? It’s so weird and the opportunity of crossbreeding should be removed from the game. Also there shouldn’t be a Kiddie Ride Seed, because it’s a community item.

The exiting seeds shouldn’t be removed, because the Kiddie Ride seed could be a new rare collectible seed, such as Pile of Money seed etc.

Also, the new forums look great!

  • Baae

The kiddie ride was able to be crossbreaded before it was put into the community list I think


Also there’s no reason to remove it as a crossbreedable item. Otherwise it’s only use is to be a collectible item rather than an actual prop.

Imagine if someone bought one for gems instead by crossbreeding one.

It was the first community item to be added into the game. Back then, the Community Items section in the shop didn’t exist, so the developers probably decieded to add it as a crossbreedable item.

Also, you have to consider that it’s the only Community Item that it’s a prop. You can’t wear it.
In that way we can say it’s a special item.

Not all community items should be blocked but some of those should be crossbreedable.
Would be nice if they would add some more not unique type ones Tier 11 (one in year) what would made people opening recipes more. Growing time like a year :smiley: