The new vip spin

if anybody wants to know the new vip spin here it is

nice grand prize but its annoying i remember when you could win like a pwe or a color o mat that wasn’t the main prize now you get a measly portal and 3 other items that are gonna be worth 10 byte


Hmmm, u are right, I remember when I won darkness orb twice and sold both for 16wls…

yeah they couldnt even add a small item like a few cloverleafs or maybe a photo booth

I remember wardrobe was in may 2020 daily bonus prize (not main prize)

ik are they just ruining the vip prize?

My man turned into a pickle, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen.


also this might have been inspired by blackwight

he created a pickle suit art

Yes, it is mostly seen in the discord…
And now it is in game

i won fish barrel few months ago
it was a very unlucky moment when got the fish barrel
getting pwe in the prize will be very good

Feels so satisfying to get the newest item 6 minutes upon DAILYBONUS updating
Easily sold it for a value of 8,500 BC

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i think they changed it because it may become unfair for everyone to get rich just because of vip? who knows?


I agree, they should add better and interesting items to the VIP spin. I really liked weather globes and PWE items being in VIP spin but now there are no good ones.