The next Contest should be Wiring regardless of the Vote | Kind of a rant

As most of you have probably seen, Jake is currently holding a poll about what the next contest should be, either a Wiring or a Short Movie contest. As of writing this, Short Movie is in the lead with 64% of the votes.

I however think, that regardless of how much % of the votes Wiring gets, that Wiring should win.
First of all, even though it was a couple years ago there still already has been a Short Movie contest, while there never was a Wiring contest even thought the feature is over 2 years old.
Then there also is the barrier for entry, with Wiring, any player can simply buy some gates, watch a few tutorials, and make a cool entry for the contest. Meanwhile, a Short Movie contest requires editing software (although there are free ones) and editing knowledge and expertise, something I don’t think one can expect any player to either already have or quickly gain within the timeframe of the contest.
Additionally, there have been more contests about making some form of video than just the Short Movie contest in the past. Why are the people who are into making videos getting their 4th contest while there never was any Wiring contest.

Also, to anybody saying “but I am not the best at Wiring, I will never win”: A Wiring contest isn’t just about being the best at Wiring, but also having a good idea and (presumably) a neat design for the contraption and even if you lack some wiring knowledge to realize your idea, there are plenty of resources to learn what you need from.

So please, Jake, rethink that poll idea and make it a Wiring contest. And if you don’t, I am waiting for my 1 year VIP…


agree. there should be wiring contest


Yep I also agree.

I wanna see what the forumers think.

  • Wiring
  • Short movie

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A large amount of pw players make YouTube content, so of course more people will want a contest that they actually have a realistic chance of winning. Besides, it’s free for all to enter. Main reason I don’t like wiring is because of the relatively large amount of gems you end up spending. I’m not actually going to enter either contest, but I wouldn’t want to spend a couple thousand gems on wiring equipment just to lose to players who can afford more materials. Also wiring in pw was implemented horribly. A lot of players just don’t understand how it works. It’s also harder to judge and one could easily steal an already existing wiring creation within the game and submit it as their own. Kinda sick of the video contests though. They definitely should’ve added more pole options but just not a wiring contest. The only benefit to that would be mildly popularising the feature for like a month. Perhaps some other form of building contest though :thinking:


Good editing software costs real money tho. A good microphone too. More expensive equipment will get you a better result.

Everything in pw is worth something. You are going to spend something to participate anyway, perhaps even more than if you were to wire.

You may think my opinion is biased, but if they actually had these 4 times already, they should add more diversity.

I have no knowledge on wiring or editing but imo its easier to put together a short movie than a complicated wire machine thing

Isn’t the challenge the whole point of a contest?

Personally I would prefer the short movie contest because I’m selfish and I know I wouldnt be able to create anything amazing through wiring. :slight_smile:
Although maybe they should just host 2 at the same time but you can only enter 1 idk lol

maybe… short movie + wiring? its cool alr to have stuff like making short movie and creating wiring

I like wiring but I agree with bryne. More people in pixel worlds want to do a short movie because its free to enter. wiring you gotta spend a lot of gems and not every 9yr that plays pixel worlds has the brain capacity to make something impressive with wiring.

I don’t like short movies, theres too many of them already in pw, wiring isnt that hard to learn, the only thing i do agree with is the cost. the wiring tool is pretty expensive which isnt fair and should be decreased since it isnt tradeble and wouldn’t matter anyway.

A 9yr is not supposed to play pixel worlds, it’s against the ToS

Do both contest at once with different deadline

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Wiring contest winners:

  1. Gargoyle
  2. Gargoyle
  3. Gargoyle

Honourable mentions:
PirahSet and that new guy that wired a door

Many people can’t even wire a door

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I’d prefer short movie contest. wiring is too complicated for me, i don’t even know how to wire an automated door lol.

yeah but they still do anyways. 9yr olds be playing GTA regardless of the age restriction.

There is no sense in not making a wiring contest because 9 year olds wouldn’t be able to participate, if you don’t allow 9 year olds to play your game to begin with.

You’re not expecting 9 year olds to participate anyway.

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wiring contest itself sounds like a good idea BUT people might steal other’s ideas and then there are a lot people complaining “It WaS mY IdEa FirSt”.

Same thing with videos tho. Ideas are not only limited to wiring.


You got a good point here O.O