The polls about communication

Tell your thoughts about your analysis of these polls.


I agree with the polls

I guess we kinda have better communication now when jake’s lead designer?

or maybe it’s only me.

btw i totally agree with first poll

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Communication from Jake, perhaps. Still waiting for him to come back to me on the hacker situation, and dev on the moderators


Even outside of support we don’t get a lot of communication from the developers other than social media posts. From my experience, they rarely read (or at least engage with) comments on said social media posts either.

I’ve also heard stories of people emailing support several times and still not having their message responded to, which is unfortunate for the people who are having genuine issues.


If I’m dealing the support, I personally might not reply unless I need more info/data so the more support email can be reached.

While we’re not allowed to send support responses here, I’ll say that every single report I’ve made of a hacker in the tower was responded to & handled with at least. Usually do so if I couldn’t report them in-game (ie. I died, they left, etc)