The rudest scammer + hackers

I were bored and i went to random world
(I know the rule so i dont break it)
There were drop game…and 2 hackers

  1. Were hosting drop game and was insulting mods

  2. Were playing drop game and was insulting everyone

The stuff was so bad what they said that i cant show them without getting flagged or even banned from forums…maybe

But they also used fly hacks…

I think they got banned bc they left for no reason almost at the same time and if i remember right you dont see if somebody got banned

I didnt join drop game (bc i dont wana break the rule xD ) and i just watched and reported…

You see it.

It’s shows in the chat “XXX was banned from game” if the person got banned from the game. (same if a mod / kick or ban them from the world, it’s will shows XXX was banned / kicked from the world)

Ok…so thwy didnt get banned :frowning: thats bad