The secret to making good updates

Instead of a simple gem drain / new boosters —
In my opinion, best way to add new features and content, isn’t just cool looking items or immersion, but to make content that complements older content. Building on the old things.

-Examples, not really suggestions, take it with a grain of salt:

  • Jet races complementing fishing, or nether. A special item in the jet race that can be used to make an item exclusive for fishing - or an item that will increase quality of life in other aspects of the game

  • Monster drops in nether dropping ingredients to make unique weapons that function great in mining, or a special type of nether pickaxe.

  • Perhaps fishing tokens that you get by catching huge fish, that can be used in a fishing shop to buy unique gear which includes an angler helmet that will increase the time for light in the mines.

  • Building on farming for example, they completely forgot about farming… When they once supported it:

The devs said they want to “move away from farming”
but why? Why not make it one of the possible metas for the people who enjoy farming? Many of us don’t do it because it was simply powercrept by all the newer content.
I’d like to see new things from farming like:

  • Block fragments that drop from farmable blocks that can be used to craft block-themed weapons and gear
    or just new farmables in general.

People shouldn’t need to just focus on new content.
People should be able to have the freedom to use all of the content, instead of being forced to play one them or the best or most profitable one, or it’ll just die like the Jet Race did in a week - this is why people are complaining about the card update before it even came out.

Also showing the community that you want to actually grow as a franchise by communicating and showing them that you will try to ding out all the current issues and when you are able to do that, that’d be nice too but I don’t ever see that happening

If you have additional points please add them in the comments


Also because most people want new dungeons (Or new stuff to nether). Maybe the developers want to try something new but if the community doesn’t even want it, their efforts are wasted

Also this needs to be a kind of bonus thing or else

and maybe make limits or something

And some players gonna get it in less than a day (Y’know) :grinning:

Yeah, players are going to want to work together to get new items and buying them as soon as they come out, and that’s kind of the fresh feeling I enjoyed about growtopia, before the game just became a profit simulator.

Well, some players trying to be the first person to get the item then sell it for profit… Which is very common nowadays

Although they haven’t done too much with it yet, they have started to experiment with combining features together.

  • You can obtain the dark carbon fiber rod that’s used for fishing by mining.

  • The reinforced bamboo rod can be made by farming and splicing.

  • A crown of flames can be made using mining ingredients, which is used in the recipe for the space warrior jet.

Despite these instances of features being intertwined, they’re still quite scarce, and it feels like features that really need them (Such as the Nether) are being neglected when it comes to this.

Maybe they’re planning a way to connect the Nether with another feature in the future, but I doubt it. Regardless, the hope is still there.

In the future, I’d like to see most of Pixel World’s features interact with another feature in-game, no matter how small said interaction is. For example, having the Nether combine with fishing, mining and jet races in some way, as this would lead to some great reasons to engage with other features, increasing gameplay variety and retaining the interest of players.


can admins just hurry up and make pixelworlds 2 instead and implement support for a lot more suggestions which they couldn’t make in pixelworlds 1 :roll_eyes:

If only we could have a Best Update Ever V.2

Ikr. But this time actually being aware of what people think is the “best”

Actual suggested things like from the discord. Stuff to reduce boredom for at least a week

We need more than just staying entertained, we need things that will keep us invested (And not just emotionally like pets do)

The only things I feel for my pets is resentment for needing to be cared for regularly even if it is for just like two minutes a few times a day

It’s easier to take care of my dog irl than it is in PW :rofl:
Like every morning I wake up to my pets hating my guts because I didn’t feed them in my sleep lmao

I like the idea of activities in pw crossing roads, they are very separated at this point, especially mining.


This will be a great idea on making PW great again, having these cool features especially farming and those tokens would engage new players to grind on something that wont bother their experience and thinking that the game is hard to play. Devs should look into these suggestions.


I feel like there were a few updates that followed this is some format, like the March 2020 update which added all those events (including farming event, nether miniboss event, potion event, etc.) did well in that regard but yeah I do agree that the power creep is a little too overwhelming, right now fishing and mining both very easily overtake farming and the netherworld but they should be a little more balanced to each other - whether that means buffing the latter two or nerfing the superior ones, who knows.
I actually really enjoyed the jet race update since it adds another daily activity, more to do daily that isn’t just for grinding perhaps. That’s also why I haven’t lowered expectations for the upcoming update in any capacity as that is the type of content I like. Guess it differs between players though.
Overall, I agree with making the older features better over time and while they have done so before it clearly hasn’t been that large of a change. Clans being able to go beyond level 10 just for cosmetic effect is something I would like (similar to CoC, I guess). Things like those that which improve older features, or even a whole update which does so, would be great.


bumped. I refuse to let all the attention go to the popular threads like “what’s your favorite food” or “wow I got warned 2 times, what an achievement”

Thinking about it, this might actually be a good idea. Not that to make an item that already has the same effect as another item, but a new unique one. If people were to play Jetrace, it has to be a really good item (not to be confused with OP), so that pixelians would be convinced to play JETRACE.


This suggestion is definitely great to be thought upon by devs.