The "they ban, they're done" policy for bans shouldn't exist

Come on. I think that it should generally be acknowledged that while some people don’t change, most people do and sometimes it’s for the better.

You can’t be held responsible until eternity for one dumb thing you done when you were 14. It just makes people sad that they cannot get chances to improve and get another chance to play an awesome game that they liked back then.

One game that I know has a pretty generous system of appealing permanent bans. They will happily remove the ban (even if IP ban) under certain conditions:

  • You’ve made an appeal after a while, the duration is deemed depending on ban reason (for example, hacking is 1 year until appeal, offensive language is 30d, etc)
  • The appeal itself is honest and convincing.
  • The server owner didn’t state that you’re no longer welcome to play.

And you get 3 chances to appeal, making people that want to play honestly better able to actually play and lock out accounts of obvious trolls. Sadly, they stated that their discord bans aren’t appealable for some reason. I got banned from their discord for talking too much about bans (ironic, isn’t it?)

But back to the main topic.

You can write an appeal to your heart’s content, genuinely understanding what you did wrong and honestly promising that you will never do this stuff again, but all you’re gonna get from support is radio silence, effectively saying that your appeal was threw into the trash.
The only time where they will unban is when their anticheat becomes faulty and issues an automatic hacking ban for something that you didn’t even do.

And the fact that the Moderator panel makes it impossible to pardon bans, leaving unbans to that one secret system for admins where you can issue permanent/poison bans, narrows the group of people which actually can pardon bans to a very small group.

Please, reconsider actually considering appeals from people that were banned for something that they did do, as long as it’s their first offense and they shown signs that they have already learned.


Appealing a ban doesn’t change the actions you have performed. You cannot let a financial criminal out from prison because they appeal and state that they have changed and won’t do it again.

I feel as if you’re only suggesting this because you feel like you got unjustly banned from the Discord server, despite of you getting several strikes.

Strikes exist for a reason, which is to tell you “Hey, your actions are not welcome here, please change, or feel free to leave”.

The rules are very simple. Don’t break the rules, and if you do, expect consequences for your actions.


Even RuneScape pardons a permanent ban for hacking, as long as it has been quite a while (let’s say, 4 years) since the ban has been issued.

And yes, they do let you out of prison for “good behavior” here.

Just because you name one game with some some alleged policy (which is stated nowhere) of pardoning a permanent ban doesn’t mean that any other games should take example from that.

They may let you out from prison in rare cases, but the main point is, that you’re still going to be held accountable for the damages caused either way.

The financial criminal example was a terrible one, since a permanent ban is the equivalent to life in prison without parole.

Too many words to be read but I can see you are referring to discord, unfair ban and impossible to be given pardons.

Simple solution for that is to contact support, for discord. Contact LMO.

You probably did something that triggered lmo to ban you permanently.

You should move on man, just forget pw discord exists like Bernard.

It would’ve gone worse if you got bañned ingame.

I agree with Ephus.


So you all have valid points and all, but…

I still don’t understand why it is like this:

  • To ban: Right-click on a message and select ban time, or go into the menu, then admin panel, then select the ban option, then users & select ban time.
  • To unban: Go into the magical system for admins, enter the access key, login, then cast a magic spell or whatever procedure do the admins even use as they’re secretive about it, unlike the ingame admin panel or the private test servers.

That makes Moderators able to ban but you cannot pardon unless you are an admin, making it essentially a one-way street to ban. And seeing how some bans are handed out incredibly hastily, there should be an emergency unban system at least for cases where you banned the wrong person on accident.

Come on, even Jake banned the wrong person from a world on accident and then had to give out VIP time as unbanning from worlds is just impossible unlike removing account bans which is a mysterious process that only the legends known as PW admins have the magical powers to know about.

I thought mods can unban too but my theory was wrong :pensive:

Actions has consequences.
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sadly mods have very weak powers :pensive:

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People do change but why break the rules in the first place? They are there way before you decide to take any action in discord and/or the game. It was your choice to break them. It’s not hard to follow simple rules. Cause how will they know you are telling the truth or not about not breaking the rules again?

That RuneScape thing is a straight lie. I’ve had multiple friends banned for straight bs excuses and they have appealed and haven’t been unbanned. (it’s been 6 years for them and they are still banned.)

This kinda feels like PW bans. If you get banned by PWAC, you just get told “Our anti-cheat is an awesome system. We won’t unban you” or just silence.

In the case of the images, not only they block users for making BAN APPEALS, but they also locked up any sorts of ways to contact them now. Newly banned users can’t even appeal now.

You do have to take into account that e-mailing the team on weekends likely won’t result in you getting any responses from support, at least not for a few days. Along with this, not receiving a response to an e-mail doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been seen, it may just mean that they didn’t see it necessary to take action in the situation.

The Pixel Worlds team are far from perfect when it comes to dealing with bans though, which is sad to say.

in my experience, support takes like 2 weeks to reply to an email, if they choose to reply at all.

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