The update is not showing

I have been reloading countless times for the update. I even clicked on the “get updates” on my PC to automatically get the update if it is available but still NOTHING. I understand it saying that it can take a while for the update to show but its been a DAY and almost a half already it is not usually THIS long. I even reloaded my game to see if this is just an error but nothing, and when I try to log in it says this:

ALSO I played PW on my other device and the update is there…

do you play on Steam or on Microsoft store version?

Microsoft store version

you need to wait few days or weeks for microsoft store, but if steam you can just update it
did you totally uninstall and download the game?

Lol good luck with windows store.

It’s not updated on microsoft store yet, i recommend you play it on steam.

I just uninstalled which is just refreshing with no data removed. Then I restarted which is basically deleting and getting it again (which is ok since I can just sign in again and I have recovery)

Ah shoot alright I will try

Android players/IOS need like 30 minutes until they can update, if Microsoft store idk i used to play on steam And android

Yeah, the Steam app is mostly just a website, so it shouldn’t hurt much to download the app