Theory 1: da big boi

Do you people remember old loading screen?

Isnt it weird that character in the loading screen doesn’t appear in PW. My theory is the big boi behind 2 peeps in the loading screen , was the Exchanger (byte coins.) I mean thats the closest thing.? No npc are related with that big boi.
Even the exchanger doesnt even match only its hair match.

What are they? Whats their purpose?

I think the big boi is jake

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He is a BIG BOI jake is NOT a big boi.

I would say thats just for decoration purposes. Wound’t say they have something to do with an NPC or smth, and i dont think they’re related to the lore

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Interputation of the person is simple, The brown blonde curly hair is (probably) a scrapped hair seen from one of the old PW icons back in 2017 when the platformer booster was a thing

The shirt itself is just the purple jersey, a crossbreedable item ingame.

To be said, i don’t think it’s the byte vendor.


yes absolutley :heart: