There was a legendary

R.I.P, Could I say something else?

Sounds like skill issue

Oh wait there’s secret base?! Lmao… I should play the game more often.

well there were 2 pros but they left bcuz i was noob

Lol Rip, happens the opposite to me.

May i ask, what was the item?

it may seem sus but i really forgot xd i raged a bit too much when i see the legend my health the weapon in my hand and having no teammates also made me angery

i think it was this
not sure though may be smth else

You mean this lmao

i’ve no idea it was a shirt or smth else but i know deep in my heart is was a legend

It’s kettlehead shirt

Atleast it wasn’t the mystery dude cape I lost because I was playing with my cousin lmao


well thats bad luck…

i remember back at 2021 i got a legendary at the second sb 3 minutes after the event started

then it happens again in the next month

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I Got 2 Maude capes and like 7k in keys

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