There's a Nether so can there be an Aether?

So I was creating a chaos vs eleven design in my world. But I found that I was lacking some mobs cause the chaos theme fits with the nether mob drops from deep nether but the elven has nothin

So how bout an Aetherworld that can be entered with a feather And a High Aether that can be entered with a blessed feather .
I wouldn’t even mind if it’s a re skin of the exsisting nether make it pixelworlds game pleaseee.


The Pixel Eagle exists (based on the Feather’s description), so that might be a clue on future updates. Otherwise, it would just be another fictional name (like Anur-Endu)

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Maybe if they update nether they could introduce us to an opposite faction(aether).

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This would honestly be an interesting update, in my opinion.

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Hmmm that would be interesting if the aether exist, regarding to the lore of the game.