They came to Pixel Worlds

NOW THEY ARE IN PIXEL WORLDS! They were in Growtopia now they are in Pixel Worlds.
ScreenShot by: @DeVz

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looks like big sus :flushed: :flushed:

they were here already lol

you too dumb lol

why is your name ArabCat while u r turkish

why not lol? :flushed: sussy

turks are not arabs?

please use english here so everyone can understand your offensive words and ban/suspend you easily :slight_smile:
here lemme translate:
‘‘idiot son of a b…h arent you turkish already what the f… are you saying’’

… T- Thanks for the translation… I guess…

no problem! if there is anything turkish dont be shy to call me!

Top 1 plot twist in gayming history

harbiden aptalsın lan

'‘you are really stupid for f***‘s sake’’
@RetNos you still cant intervene? i am being harassed here. where is the moderation when you need them most?

bagırsagına kangal sucugu sokarım bak!11 adamı hasta etme lan

‘‘look i will stuck a kangal weiner in your gut!11 dont make the man sick/mad’’
i would like to you to try but rn you are sexually harassing me

bak olm sana bisey dicem adamı hasta edersen adam hasta olr

please either keep the chat english or else. We all know you are a “hacker” and try to scare people but just leave the forums.

he is also not keeping the community civil and attacking(w/ words)

yeah im gonna hack your pc just give me your dracula cape else i will hack you :alien: :alien: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :imp: :japanese_goblin:

Well this thread went wild.