Things that don't make any sense on PW

What are some things that you think that make no sense in the game?
Like for example, bugs, features, some aspects of the community…

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i dont get why pw doesnt have a pixelbased UI system, the GUI doesnt really fit in the aspect of the game

Why nether is not buffed, but pw wastes their time for a card update, which is hyped for so long, but most people dont use it, and arent interested, I’m not saying its bad, just, that this game is more for profit, I guess, so its kinda useless. Yes you have friends, and its a social game but then you just talk with them, maybe one game once in a while but else its just useless.
again its not bad, but its not needed.
rip the devs work.

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Trees that grow on trees don’t make sense


The cheff from the Underwold is pretty cool
(referring to Scorcher Masks interesting description)

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Solid water

  1. The Nether’s modules shifting in place every time you enter it. The only logical explanation? It’s an SCP!
  2. Liquids you can punch out with your hands
  3. Fog you can punch out with your hands
  4. Fall damage is nonexistent (thankfully)
  5. Pixelians can fall asleep in mere seconds and can even fall asleep standing up
  6. You can kill lava monsters and not take any damage from it (assuming you don’t actually touch it)
  8. Pets are actually immortal. They get hungry and all but they don’t die…right?
  9. There are at least 2 Nether Vendors existing at the same time (in the Pixelstation and in the Nether)
  10. No matter what kind of speaker you have in your world (a gramophone, a mini speaker or a stereo) the sound quality is exactly the same
  11. Pixelians sit on the toilet with their pants on
  12. Summer Shorts is almost the exact same length as pants! Why both even calling it shorts anyway
  13. Is the Manic Mecha immortal?
  14. Do mounts refuel itself? If so, from where? Are the mounts another SCP?
  15. Do pixelians have microchips in their brain that allow them to telepathically communicate with other people via private chat and global message?

Especially when you know Mister EkipAli exists :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

able to plant seeds on anywhere than only soil block

floating trees

leaf elemental damages is effective in nether


Defeating same bosses over and over again doesn’t make sense, they should add variety of different bosses to nether/secret lab.


I really wonder how Sam breaks his arm every month, in the past 2 years or so.
And how does the Evil Proffessor even survive after his Manic Mecha explodes? He’s on a wheelchair too, no clue how he’s still alive.

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hes god, simple answer

Clearly Sam is suffering from severe masochism disorder. To not seem crazy he only breaks his arm every month to devour that tasty, delicious pain. He enjoys every single bit of it. I feel like some day he will not be able to hold back anymore and will just cause as much pain to himself as he can that could probably be fatal, but he will die doing what he loves.


…Super Sam fell of a high place…

Its a game mechanic, nothing complicated

We’re being realistic here, I already know its a game mechanic lol

I think super sam broke his arm by doing some radical flips on his skateboard with all the cool kids :exploding_head:

Bump, I want more thoughts from you guys.


The fact that rod (like bamboo) don’t break when you get a large fish.