This Forum uses the same code like Roblox DevForum

Interesting stuff. Though this one looks more clean and easier to understand.

BTW I’m new to the forums!

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It’s an open source forum software called Discourse ( Many organizations use it. And, welcome to our forums.


Yeah I knew that it is a free one as soon as I saw discobot.

Cuz it’s dark mode

DevForums actually have Vincent theme, which is dark mode but a lot cleaner and I liked it much more. Now it is sadly broken.

I am banned from the devforums, but back then someone created a chrome extension that adds features like user tags on posts (such as “OP”), red highlighting when there’s a necrobump, or special marking for admin posts. I had an exclusive tag, “BRUH”. That’s because the creator hated me.

I use dark mode on Chrome (chrome://flags) which makes DevForum dark mode for me.

I find this better cause it has more topics and stuff