This game is full of dirt, Isn’t it?

As we can see rules now are useless. Devs should just delete all the rules. In these days everybody does whatever they want. Admins - bans whenever and whoever they want. Players - does what ever whoever wants…. This game is falling apart, its not worth to give any hopes to this game if admins wont start changing lot of things. For example micros. By pw rules micros shouldn’t even be legal. Orrrrr…lets take a look at worlds duping which is really popular in these days. Like i saw a guy that has been duping worlds for weeks. Me and others ( like 10 players) were reporting him but nothing happened to him.( i guess he’s still doing that that because no one is planning to do anything.)
The point is - mods, admins ( and all other people who’re part of game) please start doing something.

They’re not going to read this thread, or the many many others of this same topic that has come before you, but I appreciate the sentiment