This game needs more luck into the boosters

By now , I spent over 300k gems on st.patrick.
My last gems , my last wls , went into the booster.

Only 1 legendary.
How can I get profit now , if my wls are gone , bytes gone , gems gone.
Farming is boring and wastes alot of time.

I finished world SUOMI2 too.
It’s just sad that , I started this game back in 2017 , on 13th of March , and the fact that I did so much to get the Clover Wings , and the fact that I didn’t got any legendary this year from st.patrick just breaks me.
Not even any limited legendary.
I don’t know about y’all , but st.patrick really got me on playing this game.
Truly breaks me that I didn’t got any legendary this year.

Soo you just quit because you feel like game let you down?

To be honest, you shouldn’t spend last gems to this… Use this for profit instead, but its too late…
U need to deal that u had bad luck this time, instead of making multiple threads and spamming it in forums, better luck next time!

And if u quit now because this… it’s ridiculous u can’t be lucky everytime, maybe there really is something wrong with the luck thing code… But you definitely shouldn’t quit game because of this, it’s all up to you.


Others got multiple legendaries in a few boosters while others spent 200k+ and got only 1.

If so then boosters aren’t really the one that needs more luck, you and I do.

Boosters should not really be bought for profit as they do not really guarantee good rewards.

If you decide to buy boosters, don’t expect to profit or expect to receive anything good as they are RNG based. If you are not ready to lose bytes, wls or assets, then DON’T spend on boosters, it’s that simple. Instead, just buy the item you want directly from others.

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Please stop posting stupid threads, complaining that you aren’t getting the items you want. Just stop buying boosters if you aren’t happy with what you’re getting. Everything is fine and balanced as is. Increasing the chance of getting a legendary item, simply defeats the purpose of the item being “legendary”. They’d be far too easy to get and would hold no real value, making boosters not worth buying. These posts aren’t necessary and you’ve already made at least 2 similar threads.


U still don’t get u had just bad luck, nothing more. Deal with it

Don’t buy boosters. buying items from other players is better idea. you can try make some oarkour world with that items you got

Maybe don’t blow up hundreds of thousands of gems into boosters knowing that luck is a hit or miss thing with NO GUARANTEE what so ever that you are promised one specific item after x amount of rolls?

It’s called, “LUCK”. If you can’t even figure out how this mechanism work, maybe you should spend some time first learning about it before jumping into it blowing up lots of resources or fund. It’s common sense. Stop whining. You took the chance, you lost. That’s all there’s to it.

Deja Vu, I think I’ve seen this thread before

It’s actually 3rd thread or was it 4th :thinking:

Sorry to break it to ya buddy but this thing called RNG exists. They are not obligated to give out legendaries to everyone who opens a pack, its completely random. The luck as it is right now is what makes legendaries have their value. So just try again next time.