This guy has a bugged account

This guy has black eyes, he can wear lenses on it. Means the black isnt a wearable item, also he doesn’t get effected by the rings, the rings doesn’t effect the skin. And im sure this isn’t a visual bug for me, cuz many other people could see it.

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I’m sure this can easily be achieved by wearing items in some kind of order

probably pinhead + gold lens,

you could also do this with DIM (you can remove the horns)

what pinhead? Never heard of that item

its called pixel head

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Oh lol, never heard of it being referred to as pinhead

Its called PH in game, and its a reference to pinhead so yea

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oh how do one even do that? i could probably do that to remove my horns.

Not sure how you do it, but many people know, just ask around.