Those who still play, what is your source of fun?

Title. So the game has been kinda stagnant for a very long time, triggering my old desire to quit but I have this question to those who still play. How do you have fun? ex. What game feature still keeps you engaged?

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Friends and the netherworlds


mining + trading

i love spending my gems on useless sh*t



  • The variety of worlds, plus seeking them out.
    I still find stuff that makes me go ‘wow’ or ‘crikey’

Last week a spike bomb farm with over 1500 floating (ready) bombs with the farm being made entirely of steel plate - over 1500 of those as well… all on a decayed WL

  • developing and adding worlds to @FISHERMANSSS.
    It’s still expanding and I have a lot more worlds to add yet

  • Butterflies

  • throw in all the events, some Secret Base and Nether

  • oh and finally trading on PWE to get monies on cheap items instead of recycling them … Turning a profit on anything


85% of the fun i have in pixel worlds now is talking to friends, but i still take the conversation over to discord.

InGame, it gets drowned by stuff such as trading, profiting, hoards, and them others

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I just log in to check the prices of some items and sometimes giveaway stuff, in real life my source of fun is talking to friends, exercise and drink on the weekends.

I just fish to advertise my server
Link in bio
Game is full of clowns so I like to just say goofy comments in reply to them.
PW is like a bucket of trash, which has the occasional treasure in it. (Good people)


I get where you are coming from but there are a lot more good players than that …

It’s just the bad stand out more!

pvp, parkour and reporting

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Roleplaying and talking to friends. Also I love to build worlds even if they look bad.


yeah, that’s why I have a server so good people can join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Farming , Giveaways , Talking with other ppl

The daily bonus.

I open the game every day, claim the daily bonus and close it again lmao

Farming, lvling alts, getting xp to clan, getting more bc, :stuck_out_tongue: and chatting with friends but Grinding mostly and hunting worlds

By being a fashionista and trying out every set idea I can come up in mind

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