I’ve owned the world Growtopia ever since the beginning of the game and I’ve been thinking of building a hangout world (similar to Love and Suomi) where Growtopia players can interact. The only thing keeping me from doing so is that IF I do build said world, I am afraid that people would abuse it and use it as a world to trade Growtopia wls for PW wls when I’m not there to supervise. What are your thoughts on this? Should I go on with my original idea or do I scrap the plan entirely and leave the world as is?

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High chances of the world flopping.
Pw does not have many players, therefore, for your world to be and stay active, it needs to either have:

  • An interesting gimmick
  • A use for majority of the players (trading, fishing, events)
  • An easy name for new players/non-english speaking players (Example: NOOB, DONATE, LOL, PARKOUR)

As for you wanting to make it into a hangout world (which is extremely difficult), you need a REALLY good name. Sure, the world GROWTOPIA does have a rare name, but i don’t think there’s a lot of growtopia players playing pixel worlds, let alone have the any reason to go to your world to hangout (they’re gt players, they can just hangout in gt…). The reason why the worlds SUOMI and TURK work is because a big majority of the players are from Finland and Turkey.

Big turning point said by yourself, take a look at the confiscation of the world LOVE.

I think the name is well suited for a world helping Growtopia players get into Pixel Worlds.
It could be a sort of Info World highlighting the differences and similarities between both games.


I do understand that hangout worlds have a high chance of failing if it doesn’t have something unique to it, hence why I have yet to build the world since I don’t have an interesting gimmick to add to the world yet.

As for your point about the game not having a lot of Growtpia players, I’ve always assumed that most Pixel Worlds players are ex-Growtopia players, hence why I want to create a hangout worlds where ex-Growtopia players can share their old experiences. Thank you for your opinion though. c:

This is actually a very interesting idea, thank you for sharing!

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