Thread for reporting manipulated item prices

I created this thread for showing off price manipulations for items so you can be aware of them and not get ripped off.

I was late for reporting these items:

Drake wings price is also manipulated.

Its been hoarded.

When that happens, the market usually ignores it and it bumps back to it’s original price

Octo-Hat and Blue Drake Wings are limited items. You can call it manipulation if you want to but people tend to hoard these items. Hannibal mask should be dropping as Halloween event is close by.

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I remember seeing someone buying 2 x 100 drake wings in pwe for 3 million bc.

Anyways, the price spike already gone, its clearly being sold
Knowing the hoarders tho, this is probably temporary. It probably will go back up for a few days


My price world should hopefully help a bit with this issue.

From 3k to 80 bc?

more like 50 but eh

it is alt accounts selling it to each other.

I know.
Who else would buy something so cheap for so exp

If those people were actual players instead of alts… idk

Sunday Hair manipulated
Original price: about 600-1000 bytes

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Scary face mask manipulated as well


and bread knife too but it was not alot, managed to sell it for overprice (you may see this as a joke but its just evidence they affect other items, whoever is manipulating)


I was late once again…

People really like manipulating item prices, don’t they.