Tiktok x Pixelworlds [Update]

Kon’nichiwa! Its been a alot of weeks when i post the update in my tiktok :blush:. Still soaring.

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What about a Naruto x Pixelworlds a Ninja Update

Wow you have got a lot of followers if you can get like 100 or 200k they might have to make u influencer

That’ll sadly never happen. Considering how small Kukouri is, they’d probably get a copyright strike from the anime studio. They don’t even have the funds to collab with, in the 1st place.

Thanks for advertising the game again? Why blur tag name :thinking:

The game can add a ninja themed update, but they won’t be coping the whole naruto show. Try suggesting one at Game suggestions

I heard only Instagram and YouTube are eligible to do so, they might do this sooner but who knows?

  1. First ur a pro anime viewer$
  2. Idk why u covered ur username with red, but i just wan t to say that u can simply go to ur account name and ur vids if u click ur ur profilepic and go to the link

I did on purpose cuz last time i post it i recieved many hates, and negativity from the community.

We won’t hate you as long as your also kind to us.

  • finds old post with tiktok account