Tnt Run for pw

Just made new minigame to pw its from minecraft and called Tnt Run


Cool minigame! Simple and I can imagine it beeing quite fun.

To fix that bug which makes the blocks re-appear after stepping on the same Pressure Pad twice, you could add an AND Gate with the inputs beeing the output of the TOGGLE Gate and Pressure Pad and then connect the output of said AND Gate to the OR Gate, instead of the Pressure Pad.
This will make it so that it always checks if the Pressure Pad has been pressed before and only change the TOGGLE Gate if it has not, so that it can’t change back.

Here is a picture of the fix implemented:

There is also another approach, using an SR Latch. This might however be a bit more difficult to understand the concept of, so my previous fix is more beginner friendly.
This is how it would look, using an SR Latch:

I know but ty. I made it very simple and easy to understand on purpose

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