To all the people who got banned

So you got banned for hacking. Don’t bother making a thread about it. Email with screenshots of your ban and asking for it to be revoked. A large amount of bc was duped into the game and chances are you have come into some of that bc. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I get banned soon as I sold a about 10 worlds to players 10-20k each. If you think you may have gotten some of this “Shady bc”, email support before you get banned with screenshots of your account name, age, bc and friends list, ect. If someone offers a overpay bc, it’s probably duped. Good luck on either not getting banned unfairly or getting your ban revoked.


You do know that support doesn’t even do anything, right? It’s like writing to a no-reply email inbox. You might just say that the bans are permanent and cannot be appealed.

Okay maybe so but at least they won’t make a thread

They barely reply but as far as I know they read messages. Would be hard to reply for each email.

They’d better not ban the Biz. Banning the Biz is breathtakingly bad, because Biz’s balance was bagged benevolently without behaving banefully, and you’d best believe that Biz bought his belongings by bargaining, not borrowing or burglarizing, it would be baffling to ban Biz, he broke the bank by doing business, he isn’t to blame, he was never bounteously bestowed benefactors, went from being broke to bytes and bragging rights by being a boss since the beginning, can’t ban the best or you’ll be broken to bits in a battle with a bat that I beat you with.

I’ve seen people being appealed time-to-time, the fastest one i heard was being replied in 20 minutes getting an appeal. There’s only 1 (or maybe 2) person doing all the appeals by email so it will take a while.

Okay lol my best friend in game got banned from game while recording a fishing video xD

This is BS he literally spent 2 THOUSAND USD on the game im pretty sure he didnt dupe any items.

Siskea and the admin team need to fix this


The heck is a Biz?

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biz:maybe his name, or it means us in turkish

I’m named after a rapper, he died about a year following the creation of the account. RIP Biz.
He’s mostly known for his song “Just a friend” which was a certified platinum single. He’s kind of a one hit wonder, so not many people have heard of him. I’ve only ever ran into one individual who successfully identified who my account was named after. So yeah, there’s the origins of Biz.

That’s what I’m saying, as far as I know, there hasn’t been anyone I associate with that have been removed from the game, but I really feel for those who were unjustly removed from the game, and those who were companions with them as well, it’s really tragic to lose a friend over something that they weren’t involved in whatsoever.

That’s good money for worlds …

Btw imo if anyone gets said ‘dodgy’ BC at the very least they should not be left worse off.

So in your case worlds back money gone … No harm done

It’s just logic.
Hopefully it was all legit for you well done .

What game name(s) do you hold worlds under??