Tower Defense Worlds (Single and Co-Op)

Note: I was going to post this one but and then I did the true quit…

But I still want to post these kinds of ideas because I feel compelled to…

Heck I worked on multiple ideas last May before I discovered the World Lock apocalypse…

So… You know…

It’s self explanatory.

But, in case you didn’t know. It’s basically the Tower Defense free Internet Flash games genre.

Except, it’s in Pixel Worlds.

Console games were cool. I used to play a lot of Nintendo games which each new console. But then… Computer games caught my eye. Of course, I didn’t have any money, and I knew my parents wouldn’t let me “waste” “invest” money on a game. So… I went online. “free internet games” me, Google 2006-2021. 6 year old me was playing an entire genre of unfiltered yet amazing games.

As time went on, I found the Tower Defense genre.

Max Games, Miniclip, Addicting Games, Armor Games, Newgrounds. They all had good Tower Defense games.

But the one that caught my eye. NinjaKiwi. I played their original series. But… Bloons TD. That was uh… That was quite something.

Custom Worlds (official and user generated)

  • Small, Medium, Large track sizes
  • unique decorated world/track
  • water/aerial tracks (water/aerial towers only, limited “land” tower space)
  • walls (enemies can’t be detected, towers can’t attack until enemies leave that spot)
  • music
  • enemies
  • towers
  • backgrounds
  • weather and environmental effects
  • enemy and tower skins
  • et cetera


  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Impossible
  • Insanity
  • Chaotic
  • Custom (1 health no regen, low money, fat money no money generation, specific tower types only, quick waves, etc.)


  • start with X amount of money
  • starts with X amount of health
  • money is earned from each enemy during waves
  • premium 1 time use items to help the player (gems purchase) (permanent for the game and/or temporary for multiple waves)
  • all health lost = game over
  • 1 life, 500 gems retry (last wave that was lost)
  • et cetera


  • each tower is different (DPS, type, and range-wise)
  • each tower attacks differently
  • each tower has upgrade tiers/upgrade paths
  • all towers and upgrades costs differently
  • late game upgrades are more expensive
  • money and health generating towers
  • late game upgrades costs more
  • unique tower targeting (first, last, weak, strong
  • max upgrades special abilities (fat money, 1 hit insta-kill, map wide AoE fat damage, enemy sabotage, all tower increased fire rate, etc.)
  • AoE towers
  • support towers (slow, freeze, burn, acid/poison, increased DPS and range, more money per enemy, etc., attack different/all enemy types)
  • summoner towers (summons temporary mini towers to help each wave)
  • et cetera


  • Final Wave: 100
  • Free Play: 100+
  • enemies begin from the start
  • automatically move towards the end
  • enemies get stronger
  • newer types begin to show up at a specific waves (ex: fast on wave 7, invisible on 15, immune 26…)
  • more money to be had in the earlier waves
  • less money in late game
  • enemies have increased health with each new wave
  • early game is faster
  • late game waves are longer (some can be quick)
  • every 10 waves = boss wave
  • et cetera


  • weak
  • strong
  • fast
  • immune (different towers/upgrades sometimes needed)
  • invisible (upgrade also needed)
  • tower disable
  • decreased fire rate (within range)
  • shielded
  • bosses
  • regenerative
  • et cetera



  • 100 gems per wave
  • 1000 gems every 10 waves
  • 10000k every 100 waves
  • more if you can survive late late games

Byte coins:

  • 10 bc/wave
  • 100/10 waves
  • 1000/100 waves
  • good luck

(official and user generated)

  • different tracks
  • limited max waves
  • limit of X amount towers
  • limited tower types
  • max tier upgrades disabled
  • custom enemies/bosses in multiple waves
  • blitz/surprise waves
  • premium items disabled
  • 1 health
  • low money
  • no money/health generation
  • increased enemy speed and health
  • extremely hard yet rewarding


  • Can play up to 2 or more players.
  • Only able to build on your part of the track


  • Horizontal/Vertical/Diagonal divided track
  • twice as hard/fast enemies
  • 1.50x more rewards


  • 3 triangle divided track or 4 quad/1 shared part
  • 3x as hard/fast
  • 1.75x more rewards


  • 4 quad divided track
  • 4x as hard/fast
  • 2x more rewards



  • Yes
  • No

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Even the devs though about new RPG elements to be added into the game

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One question why are chaotic and insanity harder than impossible.

I would think of something like cardgames + TD mashup

So basically Bloons TD in Pixel Worlds

You really took some time to make this. Salute. :+1:

Its a good idea , however dont you think it would fit to an real time trading sandbox game?

Would love to have this but it will take time like Card Battles Update

i want to be able to farm and wire mobs!