UCArcade Needs Your Help!

UCArcade is a free-to-play game world founded by me with one purpose: to restore and maintain the fun aspect in this game. It all started back in ANAEL, the first free-to-play game world made by me which held three types of games. After a month, I realized that there needs to be an upgrade involving the design and a better world name which will imply what the world is about. That’s when UCArcade was born. UCArcade is currently serving 4 different types of games, two of which are unique to UCArcade: Tower Game, Gas Chamber, Automated Spleef, and Rodger Dodger.

We host game night event typically once every two weeks or three weeks. An event lasts usually two hours depending on the visitor count. The first game is to be determined by how many initial visitors are present. After that, the game is usually decided by the players. There is usually one winner, although in some cases there may be multiple, which will be able to receive one of the six available prize from the Prize Tower randomly selected by computer.

As of date, we have generally gained a great impression to the public with 4.3 stars rating out of 419 voters. All votes counted are genuine, and not even one was obtained through bribery or other fraudulent means. We are currently ranked in #37 under PVP category “ALL TIME” best world.

This program (including ANAEL) has taken over BC 125,000 in total cost; and I do not plan to end it soon. After seeing this great figure, which was not expected, I decided to make UCArcade’s own dedicated account to track its expenses even further. Beginning November 2020 until today alone, we have, given away over BC 30,000 worth of prizes to the community.
Graph 1

Being a completely not-for-profit, any of our activities, including the construction of the games, that require money rely solely on donation and sponsorship. As the current founder, I have been committing to provide a weekly sponsorship of BC 600 for indefinitely and occasional gift during big events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, and more. That being said, in order to maintain a regular event and keep this project up, the fund we need is far greater than what our cash flow seems to allow us. We were able to go this far without any hiccup in activity was thanks to a very generous donation by God_of_Pandas on Dec 19, 2020 by donating 1 Platinum Lock (BC 30,000 valuation on Dec, 2020).
Graph 2
However, by the looks of it, our remaining cash reserve will be used up in a very short period of time. This is why I am here writing to every one of you reading that if you support what I am doing and are able to contribute financially, please support us. We’d love to keep doing what we do over the past year, but we’d hate it if we cannot because of lack of funding. If you are unable to, for any reason, financially support us, please be at ease. You coming in to one of our events is more than enough to keep the fun train going!

Please visit the world at UCArcade. There are two donation boxes available for you to contribute financially for our cause. Any amount is greatly appreciated. For more detailed info, or personalized notification for updates and event reminder, please join our discord at https://discord.gg/UH6hqNG.

Thank you for reading! We wish you to see in our next event. Stay safe, and have fun.


Seems like a good and fun idea and, if well maintained, can go places. I donated. :desert_island:

I couldn’t donate wls because it was rare rarity so I just did an arasaka