Uh oh! Like limits

There’s a limit to how many likes you can give to people.


I don’t know if I really like that.


I can see why to probably preventing from using alts to give likes to u

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As someone who usually uses likes as a means to acknowledge someone’s post without having to fully reply to them, this’ll be a little tough.
Although I’d imagine the limit gets lifted when you level up your trust enough.


Well, this is a thing. Maybe in the future developers could make or rework some exceptions to some features when members level up their trust factor.

I’m new to forums and i’ve been liking everything i see lol

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Insert likes here
I already ran out. But I imagine (I hope) the limit is lifted once your trust levels up enough.

That’s for the quality of liking something. Without it people would just like everything, I mean especially because of those badges which you can gain for doing so.

I guess, but that doesn’t make too much sense to me. One should like things that they like and not be limited imo.
If it’s for new members and such, I totally get it, to remove like spam or something.

They do, this is the same forums system used for coaster town (though most people here never played that) and it depends on your activity level.

And the reason there’s a cap if because later levels require you to like a certain amount of posts per month or smtn like that, I don’t remember the specifics.

It’d be nice if that’s the case. I’ve already reached my limit for the day, which is unfortunate.

no it was just being active you never had to like anything i liked very little and yet i got reg
how much you wanna bet theres gonna be another huge flag war?
skull i got basic already im gonna abuse reg so hard lmao

Flag wars are just how discourse forums work once there’s more than one reg

yep can’t wait for the flag wars to happen

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bruh i cant see it this is even more broken then ct forums lol

It’s cause it’s new and there’s a ton of people on it, it’ll level out soon. Basically it’s showing you do need to give likes to get regular.

i got basic for just talking i dont think likes matter which is good