Unban Appeal

Hello Pixel World’s Moderators, I hope this message finds you well. I am so sorry for what just happened, I’ve been banned for 30 days, I made a Brodcast saying that I buy Bc for Gt dls since saw many people doing that before, I did it today. And yes, I deserve that ban, and to be honest I didn’t knew that I could get banned for that, I am really sorry for I just did and I totally agree and accept that temporarily ban. I would like to ask if the duration of my ban can be reduced a little bit not 30 days, if you can please. I really appreciate your work into that game and I say it again I am really sorry and please accept my apologies!

Thank you so much, best regards.

Your always player Iwnl_Snake :heart::handshake:🏽:pray:t3:

i think if anything you’re lucky it wasn’t longer.

I made a mistake I know, but didn’t know about it’s disadvantages, my bad, I am ok to stay temp banned but if can also be reduced would be glad.

Please read the rules before doing anything.
Though I do not think the dev team will reduce your ban time. But you may as well take a shot.
Message support-> support@kukouri.com with the details and they’ll help you if they can.

I mean you still willingly broke the rules, just suck up the ban. You knew what you were risking.


actually chances are high that that 30 days ban will turn into a never ending 3650 days ban

you have to pray to god that you didnt get a 10 year ban

Aight aight this won’t be repeated for sure then, thanks pixel worlds moderators for only 30 days tho, I am lucky tho.

Mate’s truly lucky…

my ban turned 30 days to 3650 days also i sended 10 + ban appeal to support now last 3550 days to ban end

what did you do though