Unbanned me pls

Unbanned me pls i don’t know how i got banned 3675 day or Forever , hi I want to ask why I was banned for so long even though I was playing with my friends at night and the next morning I logged in to the game and it said banned.Untrd wing and many more from the game why it was banned for unknown reasons please help me

name game: jolf
Got banned for hacking reasons even though I never hacked anything, I played normally and made friends with people And enjoy the untrade items that I bought in the pixel world game I am very shocked and sad that I can’t play this game


You need to go to the support email.

Do not expect an instant reply it’s days not hours…

Are you sure one of the other players you were last with wasn’t hacking. More to the point did you buy/trade anything from anyone??

No it’s like months not days

You probally had a duped item.Contact support@kukouri.com but that takes a while so best hope is contacting admins through social media