Update for familiars

You can customize your pet with a new familiar
Designer you have to have the pet level 2 so you could use it like sunglasses or hair even your own set but mini and when traded it will go back to normal or no if that’s too hard to code or if you don’t like how it looks you can restart it for only 100 gems
But when dropped it changes to normal and in trade its normal it think it would be cool

Sounds like much of a hassle to make a customization for familiar, evolving IS when familiars get customized based on what the Devs made it to be, if we were to add another customizer, there are questions like :

  1. Can It be tradeable after?
  2. How much does it need to customize? (Bytes and or gems)

Also if the cost to customize is cheap then people would literally restart for 100 gems to just customize again and again, but I think the topic that’s hard to code is how you would actually implement those sunglasses or clothing to the pet because not all pets look the same, they also have different sizes. Also, like I said before, I think the only way to change your familiar is by evolving it, if there were to be another customizer for familiars, evolved ones would suck because of how easy it is to just customize with this new feature (My opinion)

He’s talking about the PETS( not the familiars).

bro this made me confused very much

A new familiar designer thingy

Wait, i give my pet my familar? They would eat it

Nah hes gonna cuddle with it