Update Suggestion

Pixel World Should Make Cooking Update !
The Food Can Give Effect Like Heal Etc.
Cooking Update Will Be A Big Update If Pixel World Add Cooking Update


Thats cool idea but it needs smthg more. And #site-feedback:game-suggestions

They should add it, and they should make an item called ‘‘Cooking Stove and Cooking Oven’’

  • @lxalso, i have my questions regarding for the suggestion.
    Can you cook the food by your own?

food with effects might affect potion’s price, worth and economy, no need to add a food with an effect of healing. should be like double xps, double gems, slight chances of getting large gemstone or can catch huge fish or such


I’ve been thinking of this update for a few years actually. :+1:

like i just think a cooking update would be quite boring like what would you do?

for heal are already the healing potions there


I guess that would be like the fall of pixel worlds because no one liked the food feature in gta san Andreas so rockstar games had to remove it eventually :’(

You would cook i guess?..

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: lol obviously everyone would cook but no need for such update because we already have this stuff in game… Maybe we can have nether chefs? Like you pay them for food and they heal you maybe?

obviously but you know what i mean how would you cook it sounds like a weird version of the pets update tbh

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Ikr :joy::joy::joy: -------------