Using 10 000 lures!

Hey! This took me 16 days to use all of these lures (with alts) and now the video finally comes out!

Sooo yea, i used 10K lures and made a video explaining how much i profited with these lures.

PS: Take note that this video was made in December so the prices shown in the video are surely not the same than the current prices of the items used sooo yea…

Also, what do you think about the thumbnail? I tried my best to make it better than i use to and i think i did a pretty good job on that one.


thumbnail looks good expect for the text font, it should be more cleaner.


Thumbnail is fine, although I suggest you to use outlines and glow/shadow on the main items (Lure, fish, text, your ingame character)

Cause it’s kinda hard to see the main things here


That wasn’t my character lol, i had to ask a fisher to come in a greenscreen world cuz i sold my fishing set after making the video and forgot to take a screenshot of it :skull:

But yea…i didn’t wanted to add too much and make it simple.

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I like how you use a tuna to cover the name lul

The name wasn’t hidden with the tuna because…

There is simply no name lol

i have a feeling that this can be a good meme

me when i lose a crab bait 7 times