VAKTOVIA for sale!

Its a parkour world, I’m taking offers. It can possibly win the WOTW tho.

idk i complete the parkour 10 mins cause THE PASSWORD SO HARD
how much you sell it?

I don’t really much know the price, but you can offer tho.

hmm imma think first (cause this my first time buying world)
idk i should buy or not…
letme think few minute cause we have different time…

Okay. Take your time. I can take offers even tho its not everpay.

Bringing up my post!

I can again global message after i get another 2k gems with no charge intended. unless if your online.

Bringing up my post again, I really need this world sold.

:wink: maybe(20 soo eeeeeee)

Bringing up my post again.

I accept.

For how much world locks?

idk 50 too much 30 stil… :confused:
how much you need to make the world?

35 worldlocks, I accept your offer

idk prices
so 35 world locks?
how much bytes???

maybe around 9200 (20char)

Bringing up my post!

k sorry i cant buy it idk

Maybe yes MAYBE not idk

Bringing up my post, need world sold