VIP needs a buff

With the new gem buff you get more gems for the same price while VIP hasn’t been buffed and still only gives 2000 per day which adds up to 730,000 for the year price and now you can get 1 million gems for almost the same price as a full year of VIP. VIP used to be better long term you would get more gems with VIP instead of buying them straight up and now its better to buy gems than to buy VIP.

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Eariler I was buying VIP because it would give me more gems in total but seems like it’s more beneficial to buy gems now. But having VIP gives you a few perks which you wouldn’t get when you buy gems, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be buffed but it would be nice if it got buffed.

Yeah the few VIP perks are alright I just think they aren’t that big of a benefit that would make VIP worth it rn.

the perks that VIP provide is decent though, you get VIP spins daily, more pwe slot, an orange name etc.

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Yes true but VIP used to always give more gems in the long run because you had to wait longer for the daily gems but now it doesn’t plus considering they have buffed the gems like twice now and VIP hasn’t been buffed.

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VIP is currently fine. The 2k is a big improvement from the previous 500 daily login gems.

Indeed, VIP benefits are already fine, however, Jake was talking about possible new features for VIP members, so they might improve them.

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Jake asked in discord about possible added features to vip. So expect an update on it.


Jake shared one in discord, but they’re thinking at it for now.

I heard of new backpack space, more friend space and more.

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VIP definitely needs a buff, i can agree.

Jake’s ideas:

Any other ideas you have in mind?


I already have seen those ideas and I am actually interested if the price itself of VIP will change if any of these will be implemented.

Some of those feel like features that shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall, but aside from that, there are quite a few good ideas for benefits in there. The portable PWE, hologram, fish and gem sellers are harmless, but the increased world size limit sounds like it’d get abused. People with VIP would probably create worlds, and sell them to those who don’t have VIP because they have the ability to create bigger worlds.

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I believe that VIP in its current state is quite good. You receive 2,000 gems every day, have access to exclusive VIP spins, more PWE spaces allocated along with the cosmetic change of an orange name, etc. You could, however, argue that VIP requires a ‘rework’ or ‘buff’ to compliment the new gem buff. Personally, I feel that the gem amount is adequate how it currently is, but the perks that you receive should be considered to have a slight rework or addition to create more incentive to purchase it over the direct gem purchase since the gems over the VIP period equate to the same amount.

Touching on what Jake’s currently looked into (see image below)
The top perks that I feel would be an adequate change, whilst also being in a state where they can be balanced accordingly, are;

  • +20% gems from everything
  • +20% gems to Clan bonuses
  • Lower PWE rates
  • Exclusive VIP quests
  • Free entry to Jetrace (daily reset)
  • Free best set contest entries
  • 10% discount on all in-app purchases


Exclusive access to a menu that allows users to use PWE, fishmonger (barrel) and gemstone buyer from anywhere.

All additions are subject to change and may be balanced accordingly (and are completely revoked once VIP is over)

Just my take on the possible option of a VIP rework, but it could be interesting if some of these ideas are added. I know personally, I’d probably keep VIP on my account constantly if some of these were added.

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This would be heavily abused by players…

  • Make a new account.
  • Complete an easy quest that gives you a short amount of VIP time.
  • Give any fish & gemstones you’ve caught/mined/bought to your new account.
  • Sell all of them with the +20% gem bonus.
  • Boom, profit.

In addition to this, the new perks could be only accessible through the in-game store VIP, not achievement VIP.

It would be a little confusing, but it would certainly stop people from abusing it.

I’m sure there’s plenty of ways to implement it, or discard it entirely.

If this were true, I’d rather have the improvement be something unique or cool instead of just simply adding the gems and stuff. The reward is already nice.

Vip dailybonus, lets count each one as 20 wls, lets say you get 5 per year, thats 1 pl a year to click a button, plus, rises will guarentee profits, 1 pl is 350000 gems so thats already past 1 mil gems