Vote the PWCP!

The official PW government will be elected on the 15th of july. So vote PWCP and secure full equality, unlike those capitalist dirtbags who wan’t to make the rich privilidged.

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Unlike the soil army, who accepted to trash its nukes, the communist party refused to throw the away. Tbh, do you really want someone with nukes to rule pw? The election is in the 15th of july ppl. See ya then. Vote for the soil party.

What is going on right now

WE ARE HAVING ELECTIONS. Players shall vote for a party of their choice to become the central gov of pw. Election at 15th of july

It’s a safety precausion, since Soil Party can’t be trusted

just wanted to correct my dirtbags statement, i mean soilbags

@Aeis2 you might want to have some fun with your giverment thingie but in my opinion this is the equivalent of somewhat wanting to blow bubbles and draw coloring books in a graveyard

just vote or stay out of this

I would like to stay out of this but boy it sure should help if you did not “flood” pixel worlds game forums with posts such as these

Well yeah I’ve kinda been spamming tbh

Where do we vote, also can someone explain what is actually happening?

ELECTIONS2023 is the world to vote in, read aeis’s post from a couple days ago

the world to vote in

What? (20 characters)