Warframe, my alternative game

Warframe is an action packed sci-fi game where you play as a Tenno controlling a suit called a Warframe that you use to fight the evil factions such as the Grinerr, Ocrpus, Orokin, and the Infested.

Why I recommend this?

It also has a market! There is currency called platinum that you can trade with other players, there is also a website called Warframe Market where you can see the latest sales or the ones selling at the time, like PWE. Although, platinum given for free by the game itself cannot be traded. As I said, ACTION is also added here so you have an action game as well as a market. As you play long enough, you will understand the story, and the things people sell.

Lastly, ITS FREE. The only thing that costs money is the in game currency platinum, like Vbucks as well as the Prime Acess, which is like a battle pass

Just a few problems:

1.) It is not cross platform for some reason, it’s been asked for a few years but the devs are not working on it, there are a few hints though it will be a feature
2.) It is available in PlayStation and PC, in PC though, there are a few requirements to be done for you to play Warframe
3.) The community can be a little toxic like ours but hey we are already used to that
4.) The controls and the gameplay can be confusing but you will get the hang of it if you play long enough


Me play too add my playstation

Woah you play it too.??

Also, Warframe is a PTW.
Money = better warframes
Better Warframes = better skills

Yes i do

Yeah, or you can just outright grind for the good warframe, like I have Wukong Prime which is pretty strong

@Spycreed :eyes:

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i wouldn’t say it is P2W. You can just no-life in this game 24/7 to get those “cabbages” known as relics, then grind another 3-4 long nights to get the characters, weapons you want…(also another long night to get the resources to craft the character) It isn’t totally P2W (mostly P2P for cosmetics), soon there will be also that TennoCon stream which gives you a free character Loki Prime which is an expensive one.

Yes but it is funny to see newbies flying around during missions

Also @TiberiusZgo you forgot to mention one of the most important things in Warframe which is FASHION

Yes. Flying noobs. Funny.

Imagine being able to control properly

I already know fashion is a thing xD, and yes I just get the cool cabbages to get the prime warframe

it is a pain to make them, least its worth the pain you endured after you make them.

Yeah, I had to grind for 3 days to get Wukong Prime’s blueprint main

I don’t play WF because you cannot obtain Platinum, the game’s premium currency, beyond the first 50 they give you for free. After that, you’re just told to buy it at incredibly expensive rates.

And the daily bonuses are either a small amount of resources, earned in 1 minute, or a DISCOUNT on Platinum. How about 5 platinum instead of a 20% discount?

You can grind for prime parts that can be worth a lot of platinum then sell it to other players. Platinum is tradable as long as it was not given by the game

Is there an in-game PWE or do I need to do trades with another person? I know there’s that external website but no matter how good it is, it can never replace an in-game marketplace system.

The website I mentioned is pretty much the only PWE in Warframe rn. You can see it, message them, then trade in game

Yeah, sorry, I don’t wanna get scammed.

How will you get scammed?

I will not play WF until they add an official marketplace system. Sorry, but I’ve had my experiences already. A lot of people were trying to scam me back when I played BattleBlock by showing me an awesome head that I wanted. When I accepted, they quickly swapped it out for nothing. Thankfully, trades could be cancelled even while processing so I got out of a few scams.

Alright your choice, no hard feelings