Was it worth it

Sold world sy 210 was it worth it?

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Iā€™d say it was worth it :+1:

Ye I thought so because I had ppl tell me it was worth around 2pl but I got worried when I saw someone selling for 350 wls so I just thought I ask here thanks for the feedback

well i sold it like a month ago it says in title :confused:

It could be more than that, MM was sold for 15 PL.

Well yeah I sold it slightly cheap but only by like 50 wls

Same letters are worth a lot more

So you sold it for 1450?

no, he sold for 210wls like a month ago.

he was just saying that the world MM was worth 15pl because worlds with the same letter are worth significantly more.

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yeah 2 letters are 250 same letters are 1500 because they are 25 times rarer than 2 letters