Was this scrapped?

So, Jake has talked about doing 2 streams per week, on both Twitch and YT. No streams on YT actually happened.

Where is the idea now?

He said that he doesn’t even have time to stream once a week in the last stream and that he always just basically moves everything else out of the way to make some time for it.

Great, then guess it’s back to one stream and never 2.

One stream per week is fine for 1 community manager.

Jake also has his own life to deal with.

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Well. He could have used Siskea, but apparently Jake hates her for some reason.

Jake has said that Siskea didn’t wanted to stream herself after replacing jake for one month.
If you remember her set up wasn’t really good to run streams perfectly, not a best webcam, etc.

So what, we’ll just keep having 1SPW?

If there’s no applicants for community manager role, then it’s quite obvious things stay like they are currently.

Be grateful that we even have the one stream at this point :roll_eyes:


Why would not we have?

cause ur ondrashek06

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Well Jake seems to be quite busy with other stuff these days refer to Kaapu’s post

Nobody said Jake hates her, quit saying stuff like that bud


If he didn’t hate her, he wouldn’t put the account in restricted streaming mode and not tell her the unlock code.

Not telling someone about a stream doesn’t equate to hating someone you absolute conk

Stop projecting yourself onto other people

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