Ways to profit: Mining

So let’s talk about mining! Mining is very good way to profit in Pixel Worlds, but also it needs time, skill, patient attention and a lot of world locks. But in the end you can make a big profit in just one day! Let’s look at the best level you can enter in mines, it’s level 4, if you have good skills, you can profit good in level 4 mine, but you should get 50 in every entery (at least) and get gemstones much as you can, some of you might ask why level 5 mine is not better then level 4? Because the nuggets you are getting in level 5 are untradeable, so you can’t profit good in level 5 if your purpose is not to buy something profitable from dark stone buyer, but the items dark stone buyer sells will continue to drop so you have to be careful if you want to do that. Also as I said you need a lot of world locks to profit good with mining, and you should buy good gears and a good pickaxe, that’s so important, also if you don’t have any armor the mine can be so hard, because as you know you have just one life in mines so you also should get some healing potions with you (especially in level 4-5). You can visit miningzygora (in game) if you need tips about the gears or pickaxe you should buy and there are some tips! Have a nice day!

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ive grinded many silver keys, im just scared to use it. might try it sooner.
thanks for this advice.

you should also add mining gears for more profit.

i should visit it now.

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