We dont want another wyvern

surely we dont want another earth wyvern add a new pickaxe or a mining gear maybe pixelworldgame please dont add another wyvern

Small correction: You dont want another wyvern


yeah i suppose you could say your right but others have said this so maybe it should be everybody except gargoyle wants another wyvern because be fair why would you want another wyvern ?

Small correction: Gargoyle and some other people
It’s impossible that like the WHOLE player base doesn’t like the wyvern
I’d like to see more versions of it so that different wyverns fit in different sets

I saw that black wyvern in my dream :open_mouth: , yes in sleep dream

Ok maybe I was wrong but I just thought that another wyvern would be a bit boring are they gonna do one for every colour July 2023 they have the light green wyvern they have to change it sometime

Well i did mean more versions
But i didn’t mean i would like them to only focus on wyverns

But air wyvern, earth wyvern and plant wyvern! What about them?

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