We should all stop talking about pin

its creating a drama and belive me a drama never ends good. lets all stop talking about him and his alt account theories. i find it stupid to argue about same topic over and over again. we should stop it before it stops our communities friendship

There’s a difference between arguing/discussing normally with plain drama

But I do agree that it’s tiring to talk about it over and over again, I wish he’d just stop


Yeah please leave me, OpJr and PIN alone atleast for today, OpJr lost it, Me and PIN are holding on.
So here’s my final pieces of evidence to prove PIN Not Equals to OpJr.

This is PIN’s state of mind right now,

While this is OpJr’s state right now, think what you guys may have done.

I tried very hard to keep these images private, but I can’t hold back anymore, we’ve been through so much together in just one day.

OK, I’ll stop now, I will consult PIN tomorrow and we’ll just end it now, OK?

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Yeah I talked to Opjr right after the ban for a while and he was rly mad and confused :confused: :no_mouth:

u wish he’d stopp but he not doin anyting lel I think ur brain also notn guud, u relise if retnos not ban unfair to pin, nothing wud happened and u say my gramr is sus no proof he waste tiem or harras ppl on forums

Who harassed people on the forums and also the way that opjr and pin talk is soooo different xd pin is like calm and stuff while opjr has just lost it and just sais everything thay he knows kinda or is in the state of rn

No rudeness but fix your grammar xD

I wouldnt say he lost it, its just he seems angry, confused and others xD but other than that pin is a calm person xd and opjr ia kind of a person who express his feelings abit too much xd but we can help him right?

no 1 is a therapeist here

no rudenes but fix u ok

Lmaoo okay im very sorry


THAT is the thing i asked you to stop to do. Dont try to start drama by arguing over things that happened and got DELETED before you came. Its dividing up our community

also stop acting like a toxic 9 year old,no one likes them on internet.

Any questions?

holy sheet of paper, i know how someone who lost it writes like and he lost it. i can say it by him jumping from topic to topic and writing his thought with him (Without using () , any person who had time would use them to write their thinkings ) he wrote really fast and that means he lost it

tell him its just a place about some kids game, and it doesnt deserve his time and anger.

AND While OpJr was writing the message, I was with PIN talking.

‘‘tHaT doEsnT prOve aNytHıng. yOu mAy bE pİn aLT’’
-probably some guy who want to start drama, please guys, there are lots of great evidence, stop.

In one of pin’s messages he said he “Never Ban Evaded” when a past moderator said he could, and since the moderator is now gone the ban evade time is over.

There’s such thing as discord alts lmao, it’s not just on the forums