Weapon charging mechanic

Im uhhhh… Just wanna get a quick reminder to yall that im still alive.
Lets get to the point
How it will work?
Now, instead of spamming weapon, when you hold the click, weapon starting to “change”

•swords, spears and shields
will have a bigger critical hit chances and bigger critical multiplayer that depends on how much you charged the weapons

• Maces, staffs(not magic pnes, like cobra saff), axes
More damage, depending on how long you was charging. After charged hit you will do a little dash(1.5 blocks) and if you will hit the enemy, it willbe knocked back, stunned for a while and slowed down for 5 seconds after stun.
• scythes, showels and spirit weapons
Since it is kinda reminds of all necromancer stuff and other “undead” thigs, when charged, they willbe thrown at 4 blocks doing 1
2.3x base damage, but without a chance for critical hit.
Pirit scythe/blade/sword/other will also summon temporary spirit of killed enemy, that will work like green enemy from mines. If there is no enemies in area that is visible, they will be absorbed by weapon and regenerate you some health.
• staffs(magic thigs)
When charged, dealing more damage that depends on how much charge weapon had, and now it doing zone damage, but the further enemy, the lesser damage
• crossbows
Doing more damage + more critical hit chances. Also, it it will make enemies permanently slower(not including manic mecha and wraith no more)
• guns
When charged fully, will shoot from 3 to 10 homing bullets that will set enemy on fire. Fire will damage enemy and leave fire trail begin him. Everyone who will step on trial will be set on fire too, but without a trail. (Not affecting lava jumper, magma flyer magma charger)
• egg bazooka(and other rocket shooting weapons)
When charged, will release a slow, but extremely powerful rocket. Unlike other weapons, have 10 times longer charge time and can also damage you and your teammates, but damage will be guaranteed to not be more than 45% of your health

If this got added it’d probably cause a lot of madness… considering farming would become a complete pain…

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Not all of my ideas are good. Sometimes im making a failures

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