WEEKEND DISSCUSION: Recycling, inflation and absurd bc store item prices

        **Welcome to the not soo weekend disscusion  **

PW has been struggling with inflation especially in the last 2-3 years. One of the major reasons about inflation is that the recycling boost event makes people get 2-2,5 (approximate) times more profit than the resources spent( (it involves risk but it’s still profitable). The event was nerfed once because of a person that i don’t even need to name ( Zygora) showed a major part of the players that the even was OP. Ever since then (and before that) the event has been adding tons of bytecoins into the game. Back then most people didn’t look at it as a big issue because world locks were more the more popular currency but it still had an impact on the economy. The impact became huge after wls became unreadable and bc became the main currency and that’s when devs created the Byte coins store. The byte coins store however… isn’t a solution. Selling items that aren’t even worth the price or making different sets with the same abilities cost different amount of bc wouldn’t make people give their bytes. In the start some items were cool and seemed worth it soo people bought them, but after that, items became either bad recolours or basic items that people found uninteresting ( it died after 1-2 months).

My ideas to stop it

  • instead of making some of the byte store items soo expensive nerf the amount of points you get from basic clothing
  • rise the price of the basic clothing pack
  • implement bc in other sectors of the game like how you did with the fishing tournaments

Now lets see the opinions and ideas of others. I mean the 30 active forumers ofc


Pretty sure the point of the event is to get majour profit , thats why it happens ever so rarely , but you make some valid points

The point of the event is to trash your uneeded items not to use 999 stacks of basic clothes

I think you are totally not referencing me who used 5m gems to buy tons of basic clothes :sweat_smile:

Inflation explained in PW !
Increased earning is kinda fake picture about Jakes giveaways …
what made Bytes return few players then it was spreading each sell what those players bought.
Its not same as Real life inflation more humans earn and work simultanously due high demand prices are increased people are more wealthy.
Real income in game hasn’t change that much. Tax still removes part of income not all.
Due this values keep increasing, what is known factor until “Special wanted item is added in Byteshop!”. It will drain bytes what are with players and reduce prices. Tax shows the main part how to keep stabil price and market values, it has to be increased.

I am totally not referencing you RetNos :roll_eyes:
(No offense)