Weekend disscusion : why is the faun card looking like he's on crack?

Maybe he’s a tryhard who mines 24/7 who knows


He had too long gaming session


One time my best friend told me this guy looks like he is on drugs or something. You can even see the red in his eyes

he has a good gaming chair :sunglasses:

Hes been taking some of the devils lettuce

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he wants to be human again, being a faun drives him sanity 24/7

He’s a OSRS Iron Man. It isn’t funny to people who don’t know what I’m talking about, so if you don’t search it up for context.

The long hair. The red eyes. That grin. Those derelict clothes. He really does look like he’s on cra-I meant he really needs to take a break from gaming too long.

Hes higher than snoop dog


He’s higher than the mars astronauts

Im pretty sure you guys mean stoner, he’s a stoner faun

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Lack of sleep. The man has to grind to get himself better.

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Do not post about the sweet crack you’re consuming called Wii then